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Articles and other useful information

From time to time, members find or write articles that can be considered of interest to the whole organisation and the community at large.

These articles will be reproduced here for the benefit of all.

Bear in mind however that copyright requirements apply, at all times, and if you choose to use the information in these articles, we expect that you will give credit to this site, and the author of the particular article.

Please see GLOSSARY in directory for a listing of definitiions for mycological technical terms.

  Fungi on the Nose (pdf file)
  Fungi in the Bedroom (pdf file)
  Predatory Fungi (pdf file)
  The First Scientific Mycological Illustration of a Fungus.(pdf file)
•   Dispersal of Fungal Spores (pdf file)
•   Lane Cove Bushland Park
•   Fungal parasites of ants
•   Galerina key
•   Fungal Agriculture and Engineering in Ants (pdf file)
•   New genus of Truffle in Western Australia (pdf file)
•   Classification of Fungi in the Age of DNA (pdf file)
•   Medicinal Properties of Certain Species of Cordyceps (pdf file)
•   Australian Soil Chytrids (pdf file)
•   Don't Eat Paxillus Involutus! (pdf file)
•   SFSGI Field Data Sheet (pdf file)
•   SFSGI Collecting Macrofungi (pdf file)
•   Fungal Toxins and their Physiological Effects See also Educational Link No.11.
•   Workshop 2005 Abstracts of Presentations
  What Cortinarius is that? (pdf file)
  Fungal diversity in cotton growing and brigalow vertisols of Eastern Australia.
  Review of Medical Mycology
  Impact of hazard reduction fire on the community structure of Trichocomaceae in dry sclerophyll forest soils.
•   A Neolithic Fungal Travelling Kit (pdf file)
•   An Update on A Neolithic Fungal Travelling Kit (pdf file)
•   Ballistic Fungi Part 1. (pdf file)
•   Ballistic Fungi Part 2. (pdf file)
•   Workshop 2006 Abstracts of Presentations
  Termites and Termitomyces sp. an Insect - Fungus Symbiosis.
(pdf file)
  Myorrhizas in Epacrids. (pdf file)
  Microbial Flocking, Quorums and Anti-Quorums. (pdf file)
  Clinical Relevance of Biofilm Pathogens. (pdf file)
  Fungi and Function in Cropping Soils. (pdf file)
•   The World's Most Expensive Mushroom?
•   Notes on Amanita phalloides ('The Death Cap') (pdf file)
•   Workshop 2007 Abstracts of Presentations
  Macrofungi of Maatsuykker Island. (pdf file)
  A New Fungal Farmer. (pdf file)
  Bananas Going . (pdf file)
•   Australian Hygrocybeae
•   New or Interesting Fungi - 2007
•   Workshop 2008 Abstracts of Presentations
  Pier Angelo Micheli The Founder of Scientific Mycology (pdf file)
  Amazing Stinkhorns (pdf file)
  Lichenised Basidiomycetes (pdf file)
  Role of fungi in the aggregation of soil (pdf file)
•   The Fungal Scourge of the American Chestnut Tree (pdf file)
•   The three trials of the French Wine Industry (pdf file)
•   Notes on an Unusual Fungal Diet (pdf file)
  Abstract for Myco-mimicry (pdf file)
•   Workshop 2009 Abstracts of Presentations
  Bioluminescent Fungi - Magic and Mechanism (pdf file)

Fungal Mucilage (pdf file)

Workshop 2010 Abstracts of Presentations
  Microsporidia - a new addition to fungi (pdf file)
  Microsporidia - images (pdf file)