To join, please download the registration form here fill it in, and send it to:-

The Treasurer, 
Trevor and Kerry Millichamp
at the address

P.O. Box 3003
Allambie Heights, NSW 2100

together with a cheque for the appropriate amount. 
Do not send cash - it might not reach us.

Alternatively you can join at one of our field studies. 

Membership renewal (due at the start of the calendar year) - download the form here.


Ray Kearney,

Tel: (02) 9428 5336(H)

Secretary for Admin

Trevor & Kerry Millichamp

Trevor: 0425375815 Kerry: 0425375816

P.O. Box 3003
Allambie Heights, NSW 2100


Trevor & Kerry Millichamp,

 Trevor: 0425375815 Kerry: 0425375816

Committee  Members

  • Ray Kearney
  • Elma Kearney
  • David Noble
  • Trevor Millichamp
  • Kerry Millichamp
  • David Noble
  • Fiona Benyon
  • Sophie Jacob


Pam O'Sullivan


Newsletter Editor

Ray & Elma Kearney

Website Manager

David Noble

Public Officer

Elma Kearney

Tel: (02) 9428 5336 (H)

Facebook Manager, Fungi of the Sydney Region

David Noble


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