To join, please download the registration form here fill it in, and send it to:-

The Treasurer, 
Judith Gover
at the address given on the form, together with a cheque for the appropriate amount. 
Do not send cash - it might not reach us.

Alternatively you can join at one of our field studies. Please note that 2018 field studies calendar will be uploaded after the Annual General Meeting on 3rd February.


Ray Kearney,

Tel: (02) 9428 5336(H)

Secretary for Admin
Gemma Williams


Judith Gover

Tel: (02) 9661 4898(H)

Secretary for Membership
Joanna Robinski

Tel: 0412 770 297

Elected Members
Donald Gover,
Frank Taeker
David Noble,

Field Study Records & Library
Frank Taeker

Tel: (02) 9645 1658 (H)

Newsletter Editor
Joanna Robinski 
Tel: 0412 770 297

Website Manager

Liz Kabanoff

Public Officer

Elma Kearney

Tel: (02) 9428 5336 (H)

Facebook Manager, Fungi of the Sydney Region

David Noble


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