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Mushroom Paté by Helen Donnelley

50g or more butter
750g mushrooms (mix of roman brown and white button)
1 tblsp (approx.) Cep powder (may be difficult to obtain, available from good cookery suppliers)
1 or 2 tblsp dry sherry (if no Cep powder)
Salt and pepper to taste

Slice mushrooms thinly and fry quickly for about two minutes in the butter
(about half at a time) so they are just browned and not much liquid has escaped
• Remove with slotted spoon and blend with salt and pepper and a little liquid in
which the Cep powder has been dissolved, or substitute with the dry sherry
• Adjust the flavourings and blend in a little extra melted butter
• Refrigerate to allow it to set
• Serve at room temperature with Melba toast (made by cutting bread shapes
and baking in the oven till just brown)
Note: if after refrigeration the texture is too soft, blend in a little extra butter,
if too firm, thin with either a small quantity of cream or a little dissolved Cep powder,
or a dash of dry sherry.