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Sydney Fungal Studies Group Inc

May 2011
Programme for 2011 workshop added.

6th November 2009
Bioluminescent Fungi - Magic and Mechanism, and Fungal Mucilage added to Articles

10th June 2009
Programme for Workshop 2009 added.

12th May 2009
Notes on an Unusual Fungal Diet added to Articles

4th April 2009
The three trials of the French Wine Industry added to Articles
2nd March 2009
Galleries Page 19 added, Galleries Index updated.

14th February 2009
Activities for 2009 added, Amended Constitution added to What is the Sydney Fungal Studies Group?

24th January 2009
Fungimap Conference V, 2009 details added to Events and Activities.
International Activities added to Events

11th December 2008
The Fungal Scourge of the American Chestnut Tree added to Articles

5th November 2008
Role of fungi in the aggregation of soil added to Articles

7th October 2008
Lichenised Basidiomycetes added to Articles

8th September 2008
Amazing Stinkhorns added to Articles

25th August 2008
Pier Angelo Micheli The Founder of Scientific Mycology added to Articles

6th July 2008

Programme for Workshop 2008 added.

6th June 2008
New or Interesting Fungi - 2007 added to Articles, Queensland Mycological Society added to Links, June 2008 Mycological Literature References added

8th May 2008
Australian Hygrocybeae added to Articles

6th April 2008
Galleries Page 18 added, Galleries Index updated.

11th March 2008
Recent Additions to Mycological Literature References added to References and details of National Museum, Nation Focus Gallery, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory "Hidden in Plain View: The Forgotten Flora" Exhibition, 13 March 2008 - 9 June 2008, added to Events (Australian).

11th February 2008
Activities for 2008 added.

20th December 2007
An Update on A Neolithic Fungal Travelling Kit added to Articles

11th November 2007
FUNGAL FACTS column added to Articles

10th October 2007
Bananas Going added to Articles

5th September 2007
A New Fungal Farmer added to Articles

21st August 2007
Macrofungi of Maatsuykker Island added to Articles

12th July 2007
Galleries Page 17 added, Galleries Index updated, Workshop 2007 Programme added

12th June 2007
Galleries Page 16 added, Galleries Index updated.

7th May 2007
Notes on Amanita phalloides ('The Death Cap') added to Articles.

10th April 2007
The World's Most Expensive Mushroom? added to Articles.

5th March 2007
More mycological references added to References

9th February 2007
Activities for 2007 added.

5th January 2007
Abstract of "Fungi and Function in Cropping Soils" presentation at Workshop 2006 added to Articles and info.
Details of Fungimap IV Conference, added to Events

11th December 2006
Abstracts of some presentations at Workshop 2006 added to Articles and info.

5th November 2006
Galleries Page 15 added, Galleries Index updated
Abstracts of some presentations at Workshop 2006 added to Articles and info.

16th October 2006
Abstracts of some Presentations at Workshop 2006 added to Articles and info.

4th September 2006
Programme for Workshop 2006 added. Ballistic Fungi Part 2 (PDF file), added to Articles.

6th August 2006
Cercle de Mycologie de Mons, A French language site that has a vast listing and excellent photographs of many mushrooms, added to Links.

4th July 2006
Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles
, a different website where the Species list includes some very interesting images of Hygrocybe sp. and many others, added to Links.

6th June 2006
Ballistic Fungi Part 1(PDF file), added to Articles

5th May 2006
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Publication "Wild Edible Fungi a Global Overview of their Use and Importance to People" by Eric Boa, an excellent and comprehensive treatise on many fungal topics and some links to other interesting mycological websites, added to Links.

April 7th 2006
Galleries Page 14 added, Galleries Index updated

March 8th 2006
Abstract of Presentation, Review of Medical Mycology, at Workshop 2005, added to Articles and info.
Mushroom Paté added to Recipes.
Link to an excellent and comprehensive Medical Mycology site; Mycology Online added to Links

February 10th 2006
Activities for 2006 added.

January 5th 2006
A Neolithic Fungal Travelling Kit article added to Articles and info.

December 7th 2005
Galleries Pages 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 added. Galleries Index updated.

November 21st 2005

Link to Eighth International Mycological Congress in Cairns Australia 20 - 25 August 2006 added to Events

November 14th 2005
Images added to Galleries Page 8

October 18th 2005
Abstracts of some Presentations at Workshop 2005 added to Articles and info.

September 12th 2005
Northern Ireland Fungus Group added to Links

August 10th 2005
Images added Galleries Page 7and Page 8

July 11th 2005
Galleries Index added to Galleries Directory

June 26th 2005
Glossary included in Directory and Page 7 added to Galleries

May 16th 2005
Pages 5 and 6 added to Galleries
Evergreen Mushrooms Site and Rogers Mushrooms site added to Links.
SFSGI Collecting Macrofungi, and Fungal Toxins and their Physiological Effects articles added to Articles and info.

April 22nd 2005

U.S.Food and Drug Administration Site for Mushroom Toxins, Hidden Forest Site and MushroomExpert Site added to Links.

March 22nd 2005

References added to Menu, Programme for Workshop 2005 added. Names for some images revised in Galleries.

February 22nd 2005

Contacts Revised Treasurer's details.

February 8th 2005

Activities for 2005 added.

Contacts page amended

January 17th 2005

Tree of Life (good general mycology text and images) added to Links

SFSGI Field Data Sheet added to Articles and info...

November 2004

Recipe for mushroom risotto added to Recipes

Site contents amended.

Added articles to Articles and Info..

Added pictures to Galleries

Added pictures to Lane Cove Bushland Park page.


February 21, 2000

The Sydney Fungal Studies Group became an incorporated body.